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✭ BLINKIES, BLINGEES, GIFS ✭ - calendar with fun gifs for each day - oldschool smilies - gif editor online - make animated text online

✭ HTML and CSS ✭ - generate amazing looking contrasting color palettes for your websites - html template for a webcomic! - classic mouse and text effects for your website with very easy customization - cool dhtml/jv elements - website templates - layout builder from sadgrl - very clean css - windows xp css - windows 7 css - css layout elements (very useful) - html code generators (tables, imagetags, iframes, link anchors, etc) - website layouts - website maker - website maker - website maker

✭ FUN WIDGETS FOR WEBSITES ✭ - create your own little pet widget! - chatbox - mood status - music player - cute falling objects for your website

✭ ENTERTAINMENT ✭ doll dress up games for browser - mobile apps/mods - find inspiration on this magnet poetry maker - petz fansite with a lot of fun things to check out - watch anime for free (adless) - browser rhytmn game

sandspiel.c - its like picrew

✭ MEDIA ALTERNATIVES ✭ - myspace alternative - alternatives to a lot of apps and social medias

✭ OTHER USEFUL LINKS ✭ - fonts for your website (top right to see more) - site to enlarge or denoise images - learn about coding, from lua to html you'll most likely find a tutorial on there - get a face drawing reference for anyone with any emotion - movie screencaps for drawing references - a free 3d program to pose a dummy for references - pronoun dressing room (try out names and pronouns) - apply any kind of glitches onto your photos/gif's - downloadable sounds for your videos or projects! - generate 3d gifs like the heartlocket ones - text-to-speech - also tts - and this ones tts too - share throwaway logins to websites

ae links - safe piracy thread - free witchcraft spells - article paywall bypasser - easy illustrated blender tutorials


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