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1. a warm-blooded egg-laying vertebrate animal distinguished by the possession of feathers, wings, a beak, and typically by being able to fly.

lists... and lists!!

or at least that I remember watching and or potencially dropping at the very end

  1. Angels of Death
  2. Another
  3. Assassination Classroom
  4. Boku No Hero Academia
  5. Bungou Stray Dogs
  6. Death Parade
  7. Death Note
  8. Devilman Crybaby
  9. Demon Slayer
  10. Diabolik Lovers
  11. Durarara
  12. Elfen Lied
  13. Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood
  14. Fooly Cooly
  15. Free
  16. Gabriel Dropout
  17. Ghost Hunt
  18. Green Green
  19. Happy Sugar Life
  20. Hetalia
  21. Hellsing
  22. Hotarubi No Mori E
  23. Highschool of the Dead
  24. Is the Order a Rabbit?
  25. Jojo's Bizzare Adventure
  26. Jujutsu Kaisen
  27. Kill La Kill
  28. Kotoura-san
  29. Kuroshitsuji
  30. Lucky Star
  31. Makakucity Actors
  32. Mirai Nikki
  33. Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid
  34. Mob Psycho 100
  35. Monthly Girls Nozaki-kun
  36. Nanbaka
  37. Noragami
  38. One Punch Man
  39. Ouran High School Host Club
  40. Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt
  41. Paranoia Agent
  42. Parasyte
  43. Please Tell Me Galko-chan!
  44. Saiki Kusuo No Psi-nam
  45. School Days
  46. Serial Experiments Lain
  47. Soul Eater
  48. Soniani
  49. Thus spoke Kishibe Rohan
  50. Toilet-bound Hanako-kun
  51. Tokyo Ghoul
  52. Watamote
  53. Wolf's Rain

Color coding:

- Pink are series that I enjoyed and recommend very much!

- Red are series I did not enjoy and wouldn't recommend!!

this is a list containing some of my favorite songs without genre specifications

1. BTS - House of Cards

One of the first songs I've heard from BTS, it was a masterpiece. Very beautiful vocals and amazing lyrics, you can't get enough of it. The whole album was great, after all it's called "The most wonderful moment in life", why wouldn't it live up to its name? The album really showcases the vocals of each vocal line member... I will always appreciate this masterpiece even if I no longer listen to BTS and their now really trendy-pop songs...

Also, from the same album, check out "Butterfly" (A ballad expressing the fear of losing someone) and "Young Forever" (Song about commiting to your dreams even at a price).

2. Woosung - FACE

The first time i've heard this song I was just clicking around on YouTube. I was very quickly charmed. This song could very much mark me becoming closer to the color red and changing a little bit. Then again I believe every part of our experiences shapes us in a way. But back to the topic!! The song is very bold and unique, its upbeat and simple, but Woosung's vocals are what makes this song so good. It also carries a simple message, that no matter how you look, someone will always love you. "I like your face". Even the MV stars a range of models who you would more expect to see in some sort of american indie band music video than a kpop mv.

3. J-Hope - Blue side

The song is very meaningful, with the "back to the blue side" literally meaning once again falling into depression. The vibe is very dreamy and melancholic, expressing sadness and the wish to go back to your naive days back when you were young... It perfectly balances the reality and the dream of the Hope World mixtape... Recently in 2021 there was a rerelease of Blue Side, which includes actual verses instead and is twice as long. It extends lyrically painting a clear picture of depression to which a lot of people can relate to, including me.

J-hope really is a personal icon to be and a part of the inspiration of who I want to be seen as, to the point that the "hope" part of my username actually comes from him. He is a person who unknowingly helped me get through my life.

4.OwataP - Benzene

My favorite vocaloid series ever, the benzene series... The ones that ask you about the meaning of the songs... Decyphering these songs is like the liar paradox. If "this sentence is false" is true, then it is false, but the sentence states that it is false, and if it is false, then it must be true, and so on. If its telling the truth about being meaningless then does that make the meaning being meaningless? or is it lying and has a deeper meaning? The songs lyrics just waste your time and thats amazing. Overthinkers least favorite song.

Now, why this song out of them all? Rice cakes, sea anemones, benzene. ヽ(゜゜)ノ Benzene ♪

5. Ryuuuu - Secret

I loved this song since i heard it first in my childhood. I think its just the lyrics speaking to me. To me it seems to be a song about not belonging anywhere and social rejection, the lyrics expressing the lack of knowledge upon information of yourself and the robotic tuning and misplaced accents which give me the illusion of Luka sounding quite "alien" in this song. I really don't want to go into deeper with my analisys of the song due to it not having a confirmed meaning and there being too many theories online, all i'll say is that kid me was obsessed with this song. I could really put myself in it...

6. Wilki - Urke

Nie wiem czy mnie jakiś polaczek za to nie ojebie ale i tak tą piosenkę dodam bo jest świetna. This is one of most nostalgic songs I've heard growing up in my country. Perhaps it was overplayed, but I really don't care that much. The song is about being unable to change past, that's why you should treasure today and be hopeful for the future.

7. Literally any song from "Swan Songs" Hollywood Undead!!

Hehe that's kinda cheating but all the songs are great, the album is perfect balance of personal, commentary and party songs!! Special shout outs to 'No.5', 'Young', 'City', 'The Diary', 'Paradise Lost' and 'Circles'!! Forever in my memory listening to HU as a kid living in a flat with a furnace inside it after being exiled!! (Im pretty sure it may have poisoned me and given me brain damage) And shout out to my best friend for calling it 'real music' that one time haha I still remember that from like 8 years before!!

i will be updating once i remember my other favorite songs ofc...

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